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I know, so what’s special about a bunch of pink flowers in the middle of some grass. If you live in many parts of the country there’s nothing special about it at all.

But here in the middle of the desert.  It’s a very special site.  There are not many flowers that can survive the summer heat of Tucson.  We have already had 39 days over 100 degrees this summer.  But one little flower that seems to thrive in the heat is the Vinca.

The hotter it is the better they seem to like it.

One thing I’ve noticed about these hearty little flowers, if they get to dried out, they will curl up their leaves and you think they are goners for sure.  Most plants that get dehydrated in the desert turn black or dark brown in a matter of hours.  But the Vinca can look dead as a door knob, but add some water it they will come right back to full green in a matter of minutes.  Unwrapping their leaves like a sponge dropped into water.

If you want some beautiful flowers for your Tucson yard, you can’t go wrong with Vincas.

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